DC Drilling

Rig Fleet

Rig 1E Drilling Package:
• SCR Diesel Electric
• Cantilever Mast
• Self Elevating Substructure
• 5500m Rated with 127mm Drill Pipe
• Walking Package Rated with Full Setback
• Floor Height = 8.53 meters (28ft.)
• Rotary Beam Clear Height = 7.75 meters (25'-5")

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About Us

Our mission is to establish a leadership position in Western Canada in the operation of the newest, safest, and most efficient drilling rigs, with the lowest operating costs. We are committed to providing high efficiency drilling rigs with top of the line equipment for our clients that greatly enhances performance and profitability. Honesty and integrity are the keys to building the working relationships necessary to achieve these goals.

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Employment Opportunities

DC Drilling’s employees are our number one asset. We are dedicated to providing our employees with the best training; the most competitive wages and comprehensive benefit packages. We treat our employees as individuals and are committed to ensuring successful careers!

Come join our winning team, you will not be sorry!

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As a leading provider of contract drilling, we will constantly strive to be the best!

We will set the standard of excellence in the industry by regularly enhancing our equipment quality, and working safely to operate the newest and most competitive rigs.

We will maintain our competitive edge by continually expanding our capabilities, increasing our efficiency and providing a superior level of customer service to our operators.

We will invest in our people by providing training to continually enhance skills and by treating our employee’s with respect. We will provide a safe working environment that makes employees feel like they are part of something special; a place to be happy, call home and retire. We will make decisions in our employee’s best interest, because we care about our people; our most important asset.


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