DC Drilling

About Us


Mission Statement

To establish a leadership position in Western Canada in the operation of the newest, safest, and most efficient drilling rigs, with the lowest operating costs.

Company Philosophy

The company believes our people are our greatest asset and we are devoted to serving their needs.

The company is dedicated to safety, health, security and environmental considerations in our operations.

The company operates its equipment, including vehicles, and delivers services that protect the safety, health and security of our employees, the general public and the environment.

The company has developed strong relationships with service companies and will strive to maintain relationships in order to benefit all parties involved.

The company recognizes and responds to community concerns about the services and products we handle at our operations.

The company has years of accumulated experience that enables us to provide exceptional service and innovative equipment.

The company prides itself on understanding issues and identifying opportunities in the drilling industry.

The company maintains all drilling equipment and complies with governmental regulations and standards to safeguard its employees, its community and the environment.

The company provides training and education to all employees to maintain knowledge and expertise.

The company is committed to our operators and exceeding their expectations.

The company is devoted to achieving excellence.

Our Commitment

The company is committed to providing high efficiency drilling rigs with top of the line equipment for our clients that greatly enhances performance and profitability. Honesty and integrity are the keys to building the working relationships necessary to achieve these goals.

The company is committed to creating opportunities for advancement for our employees to ensure a long and rewarding career with DC Drilling Inc.